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Just Scrum. No fluff.


Scrumfast is a lightweight, intuitive, self-driven, free Project Management Tool It's so easy (and fast) to start and use because project management software is all we do.

Scrumfast is perfect for start ups or small businesses that need just Scrum, and don't want to pay for advanced features or functions hidden behind tabs and menus.

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Simple, Intuitive Workflow

Create tasks, plan your sprint, and run it. Retro, analyze, repeat.

It's Just Scrum, Try It!

Analyze and Scrutinize

Track team burndown, analyze scope creep, and know how much your team can handle when sprint planning. Get your team running on all cylinders.

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Useful, Not Overwhelming

Drag and drop, edit multiple tasks at once, see recent task updates: as Scrum users ourselves, we know the little things come in handy.

Scrum Now, Fast!

Get Perspective

Our easy-to-use retrospective tool allows your team to be ready to present their ideas at the end of each sprint.

Enlighten Me


SSO with Github or Google. Link your Github branches automatically with your project tasks.

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Relax, Frugally

If our calming backgrounds don't help you relax, our price will. At only $4 per person per month - no ifs and or buts - it's the best Scrum value out there.

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Pricing & Comparison

Scrumfast VS Other Scrum Tools
5 Users Free - $4 all inclusive after that Price (per person / per month) $12 to $25 + Add-ons
Simple, Intuitive Design Cluttered, Difficult to Navigate
Minimal Extra Features Extensive
Modern Browsers Only Browser Support Legacy Browsers
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