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3 Common Burn Down Chart Patterns (and what they mean for you)

When you’ve run through enough iterations of burn down charts, you may start to see some repeating patterns. Below are three examples that we’ve seen most often, and what they might mean for your organization. The Wandering Dog The Wandering Dog is a burn down chart that continually fluctuates. You try to keep it on […]

What’s the Difference Between Kanban and Scrum? (In 1 Min)

If you’re new to agile methodologies, or perhaps just new to either Kanban or Scrum, you may wonder what the difference between the two is. We like to sum it up most easily by saying that Scrum is much more structured than Kanban. Alternatively, Kanban is much more flexible than Scrum. Below is a quick […]

Do I Have to Use Story Points for Scrum?

No. In fact, Scrum isn’t prescriptive about any particular measure for measuring the complexity or time commitment of any particular task. Many practitioners support Story Points, but others support hours, days, or portions of days. You should do whatever you and your team feels most comfortable with.

Best Free Project Management Tools for Start Ups

Finding the best free project management tools for startups, small businesses, or simply everyday tasks can be a challenge. There’s a lot of new tools out there for those looking to utilize a project management board, each with their pros and cons. Here’s a list of several, and why you might consider each.